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In January 2013 the existing National Junior Athletic League and the National Young Athletics League amalgamated to form the UK Youth Development League for all athletes under 20 years of age.

The management of the new league was formed by existing committee members of the previous leagues.

Following the 2014 AGM Norma Blaine MBE, past Chairman, became the leagues first president with Grace Hall taking over as Chairman.

The dates for 2018 are:

Upper Age Group     -     29th April      27th May      1st July         29th July.


Lower Age Group     -     21st April     19th May       17th June      21st July

Check dates on League structure for LAG Scottish & Northern Ireland as there is a slight variation on the above.

All correspondance relating to League matters should be sent in the first instance to;

The UKYDL Administrator, 8 Swan Walk, Sandy Water Park, Llanelli. SA15 4SJ.

Tel 07973 469 180                                   Email


08.12.2018. 2019 Structures. (Amended 30/12/18)

The latest League Structures for 2019 are available. Note, there are areas without hosts and it is the responsibility of all clubs to host at least once every two years. Remember, no host, no match!!!! Download latest structure……here

07.12.2018. Minutes from 2018 AGM (Draft)……here

15.11.2018. Proposed Northern Structure 2019 ….here

02.11.2018. AGM Documentation.

The League Administrator has now sent out to member clubs the documentation relating to the Annual General Meeting which can be downloaded below.

   2018 Agenda        2018 Chairman's Report        2018 Administrator’s Report        2018 Finance Officer’s Report        2018 Accounts        2017 Minutes

      2018 Procedural Guidelines


Please note the 2018 AGM will be held at the Great Barr Hotel, Birmingham on Saturday 17th November commencing at 11.00 am.

                 2018 AGM Initial Notification……here                     2018 AGM Template for Submission of Motions……here

11.09.2018. YDL NATIONAL FINALS 2018


After qualifying for the LAG finals in the inaugural year, 2013, Reading AC could only manage 2nd place, the following year they were 3rd and in 2015 7th. In the intervening years, when they failed to qualify, 2018 saw them come back with a determination to do better. The scores were very close throughout the day, but Reading succeeded in taking the 2018 title with a winning margin of 7.5 points.

2018 YDL lower age group champions 2018, Reading AC.


Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC have qualified for every UAG finals since the very first year in 2013. They managed a 2nd place in 2014, and in 2016 moved up to 1st place, the same happened in 2017, and initially it looked as if Shaftesbury Barnet or Team Edinburgh were going to topple their dominance. In the end they finished the day with a tremendous lead of 144 points, securing once more the title of National UAG Champions.  

The upper age group also provides the GB entry for the European Junior Champions Clubs Cup, which is a gender-based split entry. Until 2017 there had always been two different clubs who qualified, but that all changed when Blackheath pulled off a fabulous double, they won both male and female splits and will travel to Castellon in Spain for the 2018 group A match next weekend, 15th September. The male and female split results were quite close all day, and it looked as if B&B would not achieve the same results as in 2017, but they did. The men scored a massive 426 points beating Shaftesbury Barnett Harriers in 2nd place by 89 points, and the women scored 416 also keeping SBH at bay by 55 points.

2018 YDL upper age group champions 2018, Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC.

Congratulations to both teams, and all the other clubs who qualified for the National Finals in 2018.

For full results click…….here

26.06.2018. Midland Venue Changes.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Midlands UAG Area Final will now take place at Newport Stadium on Sunday 29th July and the Midlands UAG SW Promotion Match will now take place at Swansea on Sunday 29th July.

11.06.2018. UKA Throws Safety Guidance June 2018.

As you are no doubt aware UKA have issued a safety guidance for the throwing of hammer and discus at facilities throughout the UK. If you have not seen this document please download and read through its content.

A risk assessment will have to be carried out by all host clubs and if necessary a change to the timetable will have to be implemented or safety measures to be put in place. Download Safety Guidance……Here

08.05.2018. Venue Change.

The LAG fixture on the 19th May hosted by Leeds City AC will be held at Thornes Park, Wakefield and not South Leeds Stadium.

04.05.2018. UKA Rule Changes.

Further to the rule changes noted below it should be pointed out that in the u17 mens 400m hurdles the toppling weight should be 3.6Kg and not 2.7kg as noted in the league handbook.

01.05.2018. League Record.

Congratulations go to Tre Thomas of Charnwood AC who broke the existing league record in the u20 mens 110m hurdles with a time of 13.69s.

19.04.2018. Results Program - Mac Version.

An Apple Mac version of the results program is now available, note this is at early stages and is recommended to continue to use the Windows version where possible. Anyone wishing to use the Apple Mac version should contact the Results Coordinator Alan Johnson as this is not available to download from this web site. Email    Tel 07920 056 324

08.04.2018. Results Program.

Instruction guides to using the Results Program and Team Managers Portal are all online, download from Documents page.

07.04.2018. UKA Rule Changes.

As of 1st April UKA released the 2018 - 2020 Rules for Competition, an electronic pdf version is available to download……here

Changes affecting YDL are mainly, U13 boys shot - 3kg, times allowed for field trials (excluding pole vault) and relay change over.

Relay takeover zone change from 1st April 2018

Rule 170.3. In the 4 x 100m and the 4 x 200m relays and for the first and second changes in the Medley Relay, each takeover zone shall be 30m long, of which the scratch line is 20m from the start of the zone. For the third change in the Medley Relay and in the 4 x 400m and longer relays each takeover zone shall be 20m long of which the scratch line is the centre.

The acceleration zone has been eliminated for the 4 x 100m and 4 x 200m relays. These zones have been merged into one takeover zone 30m in length. Until the old markings are updated the takeover zone will begin at the existing line marking the start of the acceleration zone. The scratch line remains in the same place but is now 20m after the start of the zone.

07.04.2018. Venue Change.

Please note change of venue in the LAG North West 3S Division. Colwyn Bay AAC will be hosting at Deeside on 19th May.

05.04.2018. Results Program.

Both Upper and Lower League results programs are available to download from the Documents page along with a link to the Team Managers portal.

29.03.2018. Venue Change.

Please note change of venue in the UAG North East 1 Division. Doncaster will now be hosting on the 29 April with Middlesbrough hosting 1 July.

17.03.2018. Important information.

Please note the change of venue for the YDL Midlands Division 1c N/E UAG on 29th April 2018

The venue is now Stourport Sports Club track.- Kingsway, Stourport on Severn DY13 8BQ.

The support from Kidderminster and Stourport AC is very much appreciated in securing the track booking.

28.02.2018. Permitting for YDL fixtures.

Please note that the licensing and permitting process has undergone a review and from 2018 onwards all YDL matches will be issued with a level 1 permit and not a level 2 as in previous years. This has implications for athletes looking for qualifying performances for selection for national representation.

Host clubs who feel that they can satisfy the level 2 criteria are able to apply independently for a level 2 licence.

Rule Change.

We have been notified that, as from 1 April, U13B will be using the 3kg Shot for competition and NOT 3.25kg.

06.01.2018. Welcome to the 2018 UKYDL web site. All outstanding documentation on the documents page will be updated in due course.

20.12.2017. Download notes from the Pre-AGM Forum on Composite Clubs……Here

08.12.2017. Documents page updated with minutes and reports from the 2017 AGM.

11.11.2017. Annual Accounts.

The annual accounts prepared for the AGM are now available.

Finance Officer’s Report       2017 YDL Accounts (amended 19th Nov following AGM

02.11.2017. AGM Documentation.

The League Administrator has now sent out to member clubs the documentation relating to the Annual General Meeting which can be downloaded below.

2017 Agenda      2016 Minutes      2017 Chairman's Report      2017 Administrators Report      Composite Questionnaire Responses

Election of Committee Officers Supporting Statements……Margaret Grayston……Janice Kaufman……Lorraine Vidler……Karl Ponty


LOWER AGE GROUP. Sale Harriers took the lower age group title by 3 points from Blackheath & Bromley where 7.5 points separated the top three teams. They have now won the lower age group title twice, 2014 and 2017. Congratulations to Sale.

The Norma Blaine MBE athlete of the match award was presented to Holly Mpassy of Blackheath & Bromley Harriers for her outstanding new league record in the U15 girls 300 metres, 40.15 seconds.

The Frank Starkie award was won by Hugh Morrow of Edinburgh AC with a 4:28.05 U15 boys 1500 metre win.

UPPER AGE GROUP.  Blackheath & Bromley Harriers, who like Sale, have now won the upper age group title twice, 2016 and 2017, took the title by an unprecedented 167 points, from Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers.  

However, they also did a fabulous double, never been seen before, winning both the gender splits. They now have the honour of both their male and female teams going to Europe in 2018 to represent the UK in the European Junior Champions Club Cup. Congratulations to everyone involved in this unique result.

The Norma Blaine MBE athlete of the match award was presented to Jay Morse, Cardiff AAC, for his U17 discus win of 52.57 metres.

The Olive Megit award was won by Hannah Foster of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers with a 45.3 U17   300M hurdles win.